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If you are looking for an efficient way to manage your databases or servers, OraSys is the answer.

With a commitment to providing exceptional service to all clients, and with a sharp focus on Remote DBA services and Remote Server Management applications, we ensure a robust combination of secure, cost-effective, and superior technical support or solutions to optimize your system performance.

We cater to the consulting requirements or support needs of our global customers, who outsource their IT functions associated with database and server management, in order to increase operational efficiency.

As our customer, you can choose to implement a complete remote management solution or start with remote monitoring for a portion of your database, or a group of servers, and include additional services as your business needs change.

Why OraSys Services

When you choose OraSys, you are guaranteed cost-effective and efficient remote management of your operations, so you can focus on your core business demands.

When you use our services and infrastructure, you are relieved of the time-consuming and costly process of recruiting, training and retaining your IT staff. What�s more, you gain access to current technologies and processes without the huge investments associated with constant up gradation.


OraSys has chosen two very focused service areas that it can offer to its customers. Our specialties include:

To deliver the quality of service that your business demands, we power our remote management capabilities with customized SLAs (service level agreements). We can handle scheduling, notifica


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