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Our Vision:

Even as OraSys grows from strength to strength, we remain focused on providing remote managed services to the SME segment. As a part of our growth map, we have developed the capabilities to offer high-end technical consulting and solutions to large businesses.


OraSys has chosen two very focused service areas that it can offer to its customers. Our specialties include:



To deliver the quality of service that your business demands, we power our remote management capabilities with customized SLAs (service level agreements). We can handle scheduling, notification, monitoring, analyzing performance trends, and other administrative tasks such as resource assignments and notification options, depending on the level of service desired.

Why OraSys

When you choose OraSys, you are guaranteed cost-effective and efficient remote management of

When you use our services and infrastructure, you are relieved of the time-consuming and costly process of recruiting, training and retaining your IT staff.

With secure VPN site-2-site connectivity you are assured of your data access and data security.

With 16 hours of real-time weekday monitoring and 30 mins to AOH support Weekly and monthly on-site visits. Monthly reporting on performance and capacity planning inputs you are assured of the best quality DBA and Server support.