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OraSys is proud to be a Silver Partner for Confio Software in India.

Confio is the leading innovator of software designed for expert DBAs and SQL application developers.

Confio Software
Confio Software is a company focused on database performance monitoring.
Ignite is a comprehensive database performance solution for DBAs, IT management, and database developers, for both physical and virtual server environments. Ignite helps eliminate bottlenecks, speed problem resolution, and reduce the cost of operations for SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and Sybase databases and VMware servers.

Why OraSys

When you choose OraSys, you are guaranteed cost-effective and efficient remote management of

When you use our services and infrastructure, you are relieved of the time-consuming and costly process of recruiting, training and retaining your IT staff.

With secure VPN site-2-site connectivity you are assured of your data access and data security.

With 16 hours of real-time weekday monitoring and 30 mins to AOH support Weekly and monthly on-site visits. Monthly reporting on performance and capacity planning inputs you are assured of the best quality DBA and Server support